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For some reason I can't get autosave working in offline mode.

I gave a try to online mode but after being kicked out from game without saving just when I finished final battle I have decided to play offline. I usually just Alt-Tab and leave my pc to sleep. I have also read a lot about conflux non-reliability.

Any suggestion? Either way - enabling autosave in offline mode or not being kicked out from game when waking up or loosing connection for longer when online?



I have restarted the game and PC and it is all working now. Although only with one Autosave but better than nothing or "connecting" to conflux.

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If you've solved your own problem, perhaps you'd care to post your solution as an answer or delete the question entirely? Welcome to the site! – Raven Dreamer Oct 19 '11 at 22:53
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I have restarted the game and PC and it is all working now. From what I can see only one autosave is available in offline mode. It still seems better "connecting" to conflux.

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