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I've been up and down Amusement Row in Batman: Arkham City and I have only found 3 or so Joker Balloons. Do I need to progress further in the story for them to spawn or are they just waiting inside a building?

I'm tracing the Joker's radio signal to the steel mill.

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There's definitely more than three scattered around outside, and not sure there are any inside. Haven't come across any good guides though for them, they are just around on buildlings. – Doozer Blake Oct 20 '11 at 15:24
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I've confirmed that more will spawn later in the game.

Specifically, more spawned after I emerged from the ruins of Old Gotham after the encounter with Rāʾs al Ghūl. At this point in the story Joker took the territory from the Penguin.

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