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When the Goblin Mech first enters on the throne room, he quite obviously spins around and shows that he has a coal furnace on his back. That makes me think this is a centerpiece in how to defeat him.

I haven't had a problem brute-forcing my way through the level by just piling damage on him, but I haven't tried on any difficulty higher than medium yet. I imagine I'll need to take advantage of his weakness on hard and insane if I plan on succeeding.

What is this boss's weakness?

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According to the Dungeon Defenders wikia,

Like all bosses, the Goblin Mech has a weakness. By having one player distract the Goblin Mech, another player can attack it from behind. When the gate behind the Goblin Mech opens up, the Goblin Mech will take double damage.

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Flanking bonus! – Arkive Nov 2 '11 at 3:38
Will it take double damage from ground attacks as well, or only attacks that actually hit the small opening that opens up? – FAE Dec 17 '11 at 2:07

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