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In Dungeon Defenders you get a reward item after completing a challenge level. Additionally, I have heard that Medium/Hard challenges give a different reward from Insane mode. I'm trying to find out what rewards come from each challenge, and on each difficulty.

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There are also rewards for killing the bosses. – BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft Oct 28 '11 at 20:39
I am aware of that. But I'm looking specifically for information regarding challenge rewards, not just boss level rewards. – Tux Oct 28 '11 at 22:40
having such a list would be awesome. – l I Oct 31 '11 at 17:06
i am also interested in such a list – espais Jan 24 '12 at 3:12
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Here is the list from the wiki. This is a CW so anyone can update if it changes.

As far as I know, easy challenges have no rewards, and medium/hard challenges have the same rewards.

Weapon Types:

  • Ap = Apprentice
  • Sq = Squire
  • Hu = Huntress
  • Mo = Monk

No Towers Allowed:

  • Medium & Hard: Defense Reconstructor (Ap)
  • Insane: Mobile Moxie (Sq)

Unlikely Allies

  • Medium & Hard: Ogre Safety Razor (Sq)
  • Insane: Ogre's Childhood Toy (Mo)

Warping Core

  • Medium & Hard: Warp Stabilizer (Mo)
  • Insane: Crystal Tracker (Hu)

Raining Goblins

  • Medium & Hard: Dancing Cavalier (Hu)
  • Insane - Goblin Overlord's Charge (Ap)


  • Medium & Hard: Staff of the High Wizards (Ap)
  • Insane: The Heretic (Sq)

Ogre Crush

  • Medium & Hard: The High Five (Sq)
  • Insane: Ogre Party Hat (Mo)

Zippy Terror

  • Medium & Hard: Wick Cutter (Mo)
  • Insane: Kobold Douser (Hu)


  • Medium & Hard: The Incubator (Hu)
  • Insane: Chanticleer's Chandelier (Ap)

Monster Fest

  • Medium & Hard: Spirit Champion's Magebane (Ap)
  • Insane: Magina's Last Glaive (Mo)


  • Medium & Hard: Aggressor (Mo)
  • Insane: Blasticus (Hu)

Treasure Hunt

  • Medium & Hard: Knox Bow (Hu)
  • Insane: Shambhala Ley Staff (Ap)

Death from Above

  • Medium & Hard: Skyreaper (Mo)
  • Insane: The Pinioner (Sq)

Moving Core

  • Medium & Hard: Prepetual Motion (Ap)
  • Insane: The Quiesence (Sq)

Halloween Spooktacular: Rewards are class based

  • Easy: Weisgram (Ap), Couteau (Sq), Geier (Mo), Van Wolfenstein (Hu)
  • Medium: Same, but more powerful
  • Hard: Same as above, but more powerful (godly possible), and also the special costumes.
  • Insane: Nosferatu(Mo), Sicarius(Hu), Mad Jack(Ap), Bone Cutter(Sq) also unlocks the special costumes.
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Actually, the Halloween content is not limited time. Trendynet has posted that it will be available forever. It'll become available for Open players Nov. 5th. – FAE Oct 31 '11 at 18:41
@FallenAngelEyes thanks, I removed that part. – l I Oct 31 '11 at 18:59

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