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I picked up the Voxatron alpha today and I'm finding it pretty difficult to play with WASD and a mouse since there's no way to tell if your mouse is positioned left, right, above or below the player. It's a fairly traditional two-joystick shooter but it's a PC game so I'm stuck on what control style I should attempt next.

Is there a setting I'm missing that makes the mouse style bearable? Or should I break down and find a way to pair a controller with two joysticks to my Mac?

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In their latest Blog post, they mention adding more control configurations into the next version: – Doozer Blake Nov 1 '11 at 23:21
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Just use the arrow keys and Z and X (or C and V) for Jump and Shoot respectively. Once you start shooting in one direction, your character locks in that direction.

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There was a "reticule" added in one of the later updates (think it was 0.1.5) that shows where you're aiming with the mouse.

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