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I'm new to SimCity 4. In SimCity 3000, you could build subways and rails and connect the two. I cannot see the option to do so in SimCity 4. There is a subway to elevated rail connector, but I don't see any connectors for subway to regular rail. Can subways connect to rails in SimCity 4, and if so, how?

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You cannot do this with stock SimCity 4 or Rush Hour, but there is a popular plop file which you can add to obtain a building with this functionality.

NDEX RailtoSubway Transition 2

A fully-functioning network-enabled plop allows the connection of railroad tracks at the top of the ramp descending down to a connection to the subway network at the bottom is now a possibility!

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The author of the NDEX plop says himself it is NOT truly functional. The elevated cars APPEAR to transition to rail but in fact do not. They just disappear.

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Do you have a source for this? – Frank Jan 2 at 17:56

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