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I've just had a number of my minions leave my evil organisation due to their low loyalty to me.

Why does this become low, and what can I do to increase it?

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I appreciate this question, because the asker has taken time to carefully craft it in such a way that it could possibly be interpreted in a context outside the scope of Gaming. +1. – fredley Nov 3 '11 at 17:27
Sounds like you need some incentives. – GnomeSlice Nov 3 '11 at 17:43

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Losing Loyalty

  • Body bags have an AoE that reduces minion loyalty.
  • Overwork without recreation reduces loyalty.
  • Minions with low attention can accidentally trigger traps. This can cause loss of loyalty depending on the trap.

Regaining Loyalty

  • Your avatar has an AoE that inspires loyalty. Make sure you always idle in a well-defended but minion-rich room such as the Control Room.
  • Loot items have an AoE that increase loyalty. Place these in areas where your minions concentrate (control room, barracks, etc).
  • Torturing an enemy agent (or another minion) will increase the loyalty of those who witness the act.
  • Access to a Staff Room with appropriate equipment will keep a minion loyal.
  • If you see someone deserting, you can capture them and throw them in a cell for a few minutes. They will become very loyal again.
  • You can execute a minion to make those who witness the act very loyal.
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Yup. Placing loot items in my control room and corridors pretty much solved all my loyalty issues. – badp Nov 3 '11 at 17:44
Added to the "Losing loyalty" column: The Super Agent from the caribbean, Marina Mamba, has a special "attack" that zeroes out the target minion's loyalty, causing instant defection. – Shadur Nov 12 '14 at 17:58
Here's a exploit to make sure that you capture a deserting minion (except for one converted by Maria Mamba): when you get the message that one has deserted, click on the message to jump to the minion. Tag them for capture, then double-click them. They will stop to salute you. Then right-click on the henchmen bar (selects your first henchman) and right-click on the minion. This will summon your first henchmen to capture them without moving your focus to the henchman. While waiting for your henchman to arrive, continually double-click on the minion, causing them to stop repeatedly to salute you. – VolleyJosh Jul 7 at 19:43

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