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Setting the visual intensity as low as it can go definitely makes Beat Hazard easier, but does it affect your score at all?

Does a lower-than-default intensity lower your score? Inversely, does setting it higher than 100% give you bonus points?

If so, how many bonus points exactly? Because I have a pretty good idea of how many points I'm going to risk a seizure for.

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Yes, it does. There's not a set amount of bonus points that it gives. What it does is use a scoring modifier to adjust the percentage of total points you can score based on 100% Visual Intensity as default.

The scale is as follows:

Visual Intensity: 50%/75%/100%/150%/200%

Scoring Modifier: 80%/90%/100%/110%/120%

So for setting your Visual Intensity on 75%, you'll score 90% of total points you would've received had you been playing on 100%. If you set it on 200%, you'll score 120% of total points you would've received, and so on.

Information is from these two Steam threads. One of the Beat Hazard developers, Starg, is very active there.

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