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I have probably neither read all e-mails/e-books nor visited every spot in Human Revolution, but are there any references to Gunther Hermann or Anna Navarre in this game? The only one I can connect is a conversation between two guards in Tai Yong Medical on the flavor dispensed by the soda machine. If there is any, kindly let us all know. Thank you.

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The 'death-by-vending-machine' skit in China made me think of Gunther's famous vending machine routine, too :] – Konerak Feb 14 '12 at 16:26
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I've read a fair amount of text books and e-mails in the game, and never encountered any reference to Anna Navarre and Gunther Hermann. The "Deus EX: Icarus Effect" novel that has been released several months before "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" discusses the role Gunther Hermann played in some events prior to "Human Revolution" (you can read about it here), but nothing more.

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