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So when i started playing i first chose a local game. I played around abit and went to the tavern to discover my portal gun and TF2 familiars. The next day i decided to go play ranked so a made a character and went to play around abit. After going to my own tavern the familiar or gun boxes were not to be found.

So my question is how do i find them? Or get them?

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I played for a week in Open with the items, then when the halloween stuff came out I went to Trendy and was disappointed they were not there.. Then after a few days it just showed up in the middle of the tavern same as in Open. It may just take time, I am not sure. I did not do anything special that I am aware of.

Oh, They do only appear to appear in YOUR tavern (ie you are hosting), if that is a factor.

EDIT: Was reading over old patch notes and found this one listed under 7.06. Thought it might help clear up some confusion (I guess this is why mine 'appeared' after a few days :))

  • Moved bonus-item crates back into the main section of the Ranked Tavern, out from the Secret Room.
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+1 to they only appear in YOUR tavern. I made this mistake at first and quickly found them when I created my own game. – TheQ Nov 7 '11 at 17:24

Sometimes, the boxes will spawn inside the Secret room so you may have to beat the campaign first to get your bonus pets on ranked. This may have been done recently (I got mine a while ago and they were outside in the tavern).


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