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There's a giant fish named Kingfin in the Bonefin galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy.

How the heck do I beat him?

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There are two turtleshells in that level, a green and a red one. Use the turtleshells to swim towards him, and once you're within strinking distance, do a 'spin' attack so that you throw the turtleshell.

It takes 5 hits to defeat him.

After the first hit, he releases homing piranhas that come after you. Dodge these by making quick turns. There is also a power mushroom that gives you 6 health.

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if you're just asking to seed questions on the site, i think it would be nice to wait at least 24 hours or so before providing the answer yourself, to give someone else the opportunity to answer and get some rep – Kip Jul 25 '10 at 1:35
@Kip I'm not. I was playing the Bonefin galaxy last night and couldn't seem to beat him and posted the question. After beating him, I posted the answer. – George Stocker Jul 25 '10 at 15:57

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