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In Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, you can "collect" various enemies by placing them on the carts that you use to take items (and yourself) out of an area.

If you collect enough of a certain enemy, they can become a part of your tank fighting team. How many of each do I have to collect for this to happen?

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According to this walkthrough, collecting enemies first lets you add them to your crew, then you get a silver statue, and if you collect a hundred of them, you get a gold statue:

Q: Why do I have to collect many monsters?
A: 30 earns you a crewmember, 50 a silver statue, 100 a golden statue in the museum. Silver statues do not do anything special, only for pleasure, while all golden ones unlock the final Tank Masters battles. You can also unlock these battles by completing the main storyline.

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