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While playing multiplayer in CoD:MW3, I noticed players using Javelin at the very beginning of the match (on the map Bakaara) to get early kills. However, when I tried this, I couldn't get lock on anything.

I know how to use this weapon on aircraft (aim, wait, fire), but I have no idea how to use it against infantry. I found a YouTube video where a guy does it, but seems like he is aiming nowhere and still, somehow, manages to get a solid lock on a player. What's the trick? How do you use Javelin missile against other players?

In another video it is even more confusing because he aimed underground (I believe map is called Undertown), fired missile up in the air and got Javelin kills.

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Its simple, look down the sites at a piece of land and don't move the crosshairs (like you're looking down a sniper rifle) The javelin will lock onto that spot (similar to how it locks onto a plane) and once its locked on you can fire raining missle-y death on your opponents

Hope this helps!

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