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I've killed more people coming down the subway tunnel than any other spot because I can see the tact light coming down the tunnel. Likewise, I have been killed more than I have killed using the tact light. While I'm still learning how to best use the light, it would be nice if I can turn the stupid thing on and off. Anybody know how?

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Assuming you have not modified any of the key mappings, you can toggle the light and laser off and on using T

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On the Xbox the light is controlled by the D-Pad.

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Up, specifically. Down will select firing mode. – Gauzy Nov 10 '11 at 2:21
Didn't know that. I refuse to use it anyway as it's a cheap as hell attachment. But, hey, good to know if I pick up someone's gun that uses cheap as hell attachments. =) – Yatrix Nov 18 '11 at 14:17

On PS3 you do this with the UP button on the directional buttons (seems to be the same on XBox)

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UP on the D-pad will toggle light/laser on/off and DOWN selects firing mode (single/burst/full).

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