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I'm going home for Christmas and I was thinking of playing some of my PS3 games on my brother's PS3.

I know you can backup saves to a USB drive, but can I then upload these saves to my brother's PS3 and use them? Or are the saves locked to particular machine?

I know I'll have to login to the PSN with the same account.

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Some PlayStation 3 games have locked game-saves which means their game-saves are tied to the system itself. The result is that if you backup these files in a USB or an external HDD, you won't be able to use them in another system. (This is most likely done through encryption).

Here's a list of games with locked game-saves. As the list states, games without asterisks have files which are locked to the system.

However, there's a way to bring these locked game-save to another system. The PlayStation Plus service lets you upload these files to Sony's servers to be able to retrieve them in other systems. This service is not free.

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It's a shame that the list of games doesn't include the game I'm interested in... Up-vote for the answer though. – Omar Kooheji Nov 10 '11 at 13:39

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