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How to add more maps to counter strike stream 1.6 ?

I am playing that on my local desktop against bots.

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First, you must download the maps. There are several good online sources for them.

To install them, follow the instructions in this faq

Most maps you just extract in your counter strike 1.6 folder, which is located at:

\Steam\SteamApps\ yourusername \counter-strike\cstrike

If the map is not packaged properly, then you'll have to place the individual files into their respective folders.

  • \counter-strike\cstrike .wad
  • \counter-strikee\cstrike\maps .bsp | .bsp.ztmp | .txt | .res
  • \counter-strike\cstrike\sound .wav
  • \counter-strike\cstrike\models .mdl
  • \counter-strike\cstrike\sprites .spr
  • \counter-strike\cstrike\gfx\env .tga
  • \counter-strike\cstrike\overviews .bmp
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This is so informative. Thanks. Let me try that. +1 – Zerotoinfinity Nov 10 '11 at 19:31
Can you suggest me any good online source for MAP, I mean I really afraid of virus. So, if you could suggest me any that will be helpful. – Zerotoinfinity Nov 10 '11 at 19:32
Is these are the only maps ? – Zerotoinfinity Nov 10 '11 at 19:32
Hi Zero, yes that is a great site for maps. You can always start another question to ask for a source for counterstrike maps as well. I'm not too familiar with the 1.6 maps anymore and there may be people more knowledgeable in that area. – l I Nov 10 '11 at 19:34

This is an awesome site for customization of many PC games (CS1.6 as well). There you can find maps, skins, sounds, and much much more. The site itself is safe, but you have to be careful when installing any sort of custom files, especially if they are wrapped in an .exe file. Also, you should never install .dll files because those can only be core game files and modified core files can trigger a VAC ban.

Since your original question was already answered, I thought I could answer your second question in the comments.

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