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During my trip through the tutorial dungeon, I noticed my stamina seemed to recover more slowly with the more weight my character carried. Since I plan on specializing in two-handed weapons, it's important for me to understand what factors increase or decrease stamina regeneration so I can prevent myself from running out of stamina at crucial moments in epic battles. What other factors affect the rate at which I recover stamina?

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I don't know about the weight thing. I tested it and I didn't notice any difference. I can't guarantee it though, maybe it has something to do with armor worn, perks etc.

What I can tell you is that there are the following ways of recovering stamina, apart from letting stamina restore over time:

  • Drink stamina potions
  • Choosing the "Respite" perk in the Restoration tree will make it so healing spells also recover stamina
  • Some types of food restore stamina.
  • Stamina is fully restored on level up.
  • Sleeping and waiting fully restores stamina (regardless of the length)

This is mostly from

Also, as a neat bonus: When you sprint, don't let stamina drain completely, since it will take a couple of seconds before it starts recharging again. If you sprint until you have just a little bit of stamina left, the stamina will start recharging immediately.


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There are also enchantments that increase stamina regeneration speed. – Corey Csuhta Dec 8 '11 at 22:00

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