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For example most of the LMG's do. Some SMG's do. Has anybody compiled a list?

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By going through all the weapons in battlelog, the following weapons can have extended magazines attached to them.

  • All Support weapons (except for the QBB-95 and MG-36).

  • The PP-2000, PDW-R, MP7, AS Val and M5K.

  • All Shotguns.

So not many at all, and all of the ones that can are either a LMG, SMG, or a Shotgun.

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In all of the weapon classes I have come to see, every gun uses a secondary slot for extended mags except for three weapons in the support class.

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Welcome to site, Briyor. :) Can you please be more specific with your answer and include which three guns? Also, please avoid irrelevant information in your answers. – Ullallulloo Oct 28 '13 at 17:51

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