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"Midnight Leaves" is a puzzle-game which takes part in the IGF 2012. A demo is available on the author's website. I am currently stuck in World 2-4.

The aim is to "release" all the yellow leaves, and we are allowed to move only once on each tile, except if we have special power-ups. The main character is the yellow square. The dark grey square is a power-up which allows to move several times on the four following tiles. The circles launch fireballs after four steps. The red cross cancels any power-up.

World 2-4 level

And there is this new power-up with a crossed-out leaf.

It seems I cannot understand the meaning of the hint:

Some leaves will free if you hit a fireball on its crystal.

What am I supposed to do?


If you want to try this level yourself, just create a new file called Data.mlgc containing:


This will give you the same savefile as I currently have.

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It was just a matter of speed in the last part. :'(

The solution is the path in light blue.


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