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I'm getting massacred each time I encounter someone with a battle hammer, they almost three shot me.

What is the best approach to stay alive against those enemies?

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Thanks, we need more raw-figher questions! :) – Konerak Nov 14 '11 at 7:55
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I use my shield and bash them during the wind up. This helps stagger them so that I can whoop it on. Try blocking with a shield or a two-handed weapon, while they wind up hold the block buttton and hit the attack button at the same time to bash them, see if it staggers them or not.

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There are quite a few options, but it depends on your character's build.

  • Shield bash them.
  • Stay at distance and use destruction magic (dual cast+impact to stagger).
  • Craft better armor.
  • Brew some paralyzing poison.
  • Use Calm or Fear spells to stop them from hitting you.
  • Are you a Nord? Try your Battle Cry to fear them.
  • Use a dragon shout, like Unrelenting Force to knock them over, or Ice Form to freeze them in place, or even the Disarm shout, which makes them drop their hammer.
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