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I know that I can kind of adjust my field of view by switching from a 4:3 resolution to a 16:10 or 16:9 resolution. Is there any way that I can just set the field of view to the maximum allowable width?

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I know that the source engine allows a settable parameter for the field of view, but I'm not sure how to expose it. I know that some source games allow up to 90 degrees, but I'd bet it's configurable for all source games, but I'm not sure how high it goes. – McKay Jul 26 '10 at 20:00
For general FOV, type fov (70 - 90) into the console. For weapon/model fov, type viewmodel_fov (no limit, but the default is 60. Most people use 90. Over 1000 your weapon is invisible). – odixon Aug 16 '15 at 23:28
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According to this question on "Team Fortress 2 Fort":

It's in the Multiplayer tab of the options window

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It now appears to be limited to 70 degrees for TF2, much to my annoyance (I play on a triple monitor setup with 15:4 aspect ratio, and everything is severely distorted at the edges of the screen).

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Yes you can! in console

fov 90

(~ = console that you need to enable in multiplayer options)

at least this worked for me :)

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To set your field of view set to 90, in the type console fov_desired 90. You can only go between 75 and 90, anything above 90 is considered cheating.

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You can go more than 90 or less than 70 and still can play. This is not considered cheating. Enter this in the console viewmodel_fov <fov number>.

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You can try adjusting viewmodel_fov

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This does not add anything new. – aytimothy Jan 10 at 3:43

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