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I bought Skyrim via Steam and also bought the online Prima game guide. It touts a whole map section, but fails to provide any kind of map of Skyrim. (Kind of lame for a game guide to not come with a map. I give the online guide very low marks.)

So, I would like to know if there is a decent map of Skyrim out there yet. (Clearly I can just go to the world map, but I am trying to find a place I have not discovered yet.)

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A map comes with the boxed version, someone must have scanned it if its not on the net already. – Dani Nov 14 '11 at 9:09

Guys at Gamebanshee published a really nice annotated map of Skyrim, available as single BIG (2720x1935) image or a 9-pages PDF.

enter image description here

As reported by @Mehmet and interactive map is available on Mashupforge.

Finally there is a nice free app on iTunes that work on iPhone and iPad, called Dragon Shout (Android version coming soon hopefully). Here you can see it in action (not the latest version)

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I will just say: waow. – Cristol.GdM Jan 10 '12 at 15:53

Check out the interactive zoomable, draggable, searchable map made on Mashupforge.

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One of the best maps i must say, allows you to turn off specific icons and makes it easier to search locations and view roads – Vahx Dec 31 '15 at 9:50

The Gamebanshee map also has an interactive version online at

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if you are looking for a map that would have all the locations marked, there hasn't been enough time for any community to really get that set up. I have played maybe 30 hours of skyrim since it released, and i have yet to explore 3/4 of the map.

a good site to check every once in a while for a map would be: but they dont have one out yet. I should also add that when they get this map added it will be similar to google maps, with a wikipage for each location

EDIT: as One-One has mentioned, here is the skyrim map: Every single dungeon on the site should have a link to their wiki page, so you will be able to find out lots of useful information

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The UESP google map is out. Check any of UESP's location page, and it has the GMap API map. With zoom. :-) – ヴァイシャリ Feb 20 '12 at 16:15

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