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I've been leveling as a thief for quite a while, and I now need to use some of this ill-gotten booty (or maybe that's ill-booten gotty) to bring some of my combat skills up to par. I know there's an expert One-Hand trainer from the Companion's Guild, but I don't believe I've found a Light Armor trainer yet, can anyone direct me to them?

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Nazir from the Dark Brotherhood trains Light Armor. – Lerkes Nov 15 '11 at 8:07
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The journeyman Light Armor trainer is Scouts-Many-Marshes in Windhelm.

The expert trainer is Grelka in Riften. You can find her in the marketplace.

Finally, the master trainer is Nazir found only in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, in the southern part of Falkreath Hold. Unless you've completed the Dark Brotherhood questline, and the Sanctuary has been relocated.

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