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So what's the suggested level for an attempt on Volskygge?
Just wondering, because I'd heard that once you pass a certain point, you'd have to revert to get out without completing.

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I just finished that one and yes, like several other dungeons I've found so far, there is a point of no return, much to my annoyance. I was about level 22, a one-handed/heavy-armor type with a trusty companion. The last two encounters were quite challenging. The difficulty slider is always your friend.

I'd suspect that mid-teens is probably the earliest you'd like to try it depending on your build.

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I passed the point of no return, and I was level 18/19. Wasn't prepared for the last battles, so became invisible and walked around the Overlord, went outside, traded some stuff, and returned through the same door I left, Lydia, bless her, was still there and I defeated the overlord

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I am not sure which level would be appropriate but I have just finished this dungeon at about level 23 with my archery at 60 as my primary damage dealing skill. The only problem I had was the last boss which is an elemental thing that flies around. I was just able to break line of sight with trees and fire off my arrows. I'm not sure if this is required to clear but you probably want the loot.

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It's one of the Dragon Priests - Volsung. – Alan B May 3 '12 at 15:27

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