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When I went to check out the co-op play option but it says that I haven't purchased the Online Pass and therefore cannot use it. I know that online passes have become more popular in the past year and often require a separate purchase if you buy the game used/secondhand, but so far the precedent I have seen is that you get an online pass if you purchase new.

I have purchased Saints Row: The Third brand new (the Platinum Pack even). It didn't seem to come with any separate Online Pass code that I can find in my box. All I had was the code for the Professor Genki DLC.

Do I have to purchase the Online Code separately even though I have a new version of the game? Is it possible my box was just missing the code?

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I don't have it, but any game like this, it should be included in the box with the game. You didn't happen to buy it from a GameStop-like-shop did you, where it was opened, but new? – Doozer Blake Nov 16 '11 at 15:27
A post on their site about this should be included in the box. Can't tell if this means the DLC includes it or not. Dumb question, but did you check the other side of the paper with the code? I've seen 2 codes on one piece of paper before in games. – Doozer Blake Nov 16 '11 at 15:32
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No, you shouldn't need to purchase the Online Pass if you bought the game new. A post on the official site confirms that the Online Pass should be included with any new game.

Inside your copies of the game will be a code to enter on your console in order to play Co-Op with a friend.


  • The code is in there, and you haven't found it. Check the back-side of any papers, manual, or the fold out instruction booklet.
  • The code is bundled with the DLC pack (can't tell from wording on the above post).
  • The code is not in your box for some reason, in which case, I guess you should contact Volition, or the store you purchased it from.
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Ah ha! Thanks, this was a case of me just being silly and then panicking. :P The instruction booklet wasn't an actual booklet, it's a fold out piece of paper sort of like a pamphlet, and I accidentally missed it. – FAE Nov 16 '11 at 16:01

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