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I just started playing Postal Plus, a 2001 enhanced edition of a 1997 original, on PC Windows XP. It's a very interesting game, but I have certain problem while playing using keyboard controls. Namely, turning left does not seem to work properly, as it only make Postal Dude turn slightly per each key press and does not turn at all while the button is hold. When pressing button for turning right, everything works fine (holding the key turns the Dude all the time). This problem does not seem to appear when using mouse controls (moving mouse left or right).

Is this how the game is meant to be played using keyboard controls?

Just note I never played or owned the original Postal, so I do not know if its the same.


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Unfortunately, this has always been the problem with this game, even when I had the CD demo of the game when it first came out in the 1990's.

Most places where I've heard of this issue, there is always the recommendation to use a joystick. Which, as a PC gamer, I could never really assent to.

It's unfortunate that a game with SO MUCH hype turned out to have such a HUGE BUG that made its playability sub-par. That's the real story behind Postal 1.


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That is most certainly incorrect. I haf this game, and it worked fine. – Timelord64 Jun 30 at 0:32
I have tried it on Windows 95 and Windows XP, both a demo and a full-version. Left key only turns left by incredibly small increments. Otherwise, why is the OP having a problem? – HoldOffHunger Jun 30 at 15:06
who knows, but it is definetly not just how the game works, itself. – Timelord64 Jun 30 at 21:25

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