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An Anvil of Krong cursed my weapon. Is there anything to do to undo this, or should I just get rid of this item?

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As far as I know, it is not possible to undo either the negative or the positive effects of an Anvil of Krong's enchantment.

As explained by DredmorWiki you have a 5/7 chance of gaining a positive enchantment, and a 2/7 chance of gaining a negative enchantment (except the first use that is always positive)

Cursed weapons can be sold to Brax or thrown into Lutefisk Cube.

I suggest you to always enchant something that you can replace with another, similar item in your inventory, in case Krong is angry with you.

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If you're an archaeologist you can reroll them with This Translation Is All Wrong!; usually you can get the curse to affect a stat you don't care about anyway. Of course, if you have a weapon that's blessed 4 times and cursed once, you can probably keep using it, it's still good. – Paul Z Nov 30 '11 at 20:58

From this discussion board:

One important tip I can give everyone is watch out for cursed traps and monsters, I had to learn the hard way that they can give permanent negative stats on your equipment, ruined four weapons before I figured out what was causing it, freaking removed the regen I had on one of my swords so I was pissed. The items can be turned to unusable unless you have the skill This Translation is All Wrong! but even then that skill is likely to just re-roll other negative effects rather than remove them.

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