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It might be that I'm questing too much, but I don't see much dragons so I'm unable to learn the new words I learn. Are there areas I could go and take a visit to perform some efficient dragon hunting?

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From what I gather they appear generally every 36 or so hours. I tend to find them in towns when I'm waiting for shops to open.

I read somewhere that you can sleep for 36 hours in a town and when you go out a dragon spawns every time.

Also you need to do a quest in Whiterun as part of the story to allow attacks by "wild" dragons.

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I've done the quest; the time between my two last dragons might have indeed been 36 hours but I'm not entirely sure. Someone needs to confirm whether force spawning by sleeping enough would work. I haven't seen a dragon attack Whiterun itself yet, is that possible? – Tom Wijsman Nov 19 '11 at 0:46
@TomWijsman Yes, I've killed one right in Whiterun (and a single guard was the only NPC to die!) – agf Nov 21 '11 at 4:39

I've found that they're very likely to appear around the burial grounds, even after you've killed the first one guarding them.

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