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When I try to open League of Legends in Windows 7 I am notified that Patcher Kernel has stopped working and that Windows hasn't found a solution, what should I do?

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Have you tried reinstalling the game? Or Repairing the install?

This is a bit of a common error.

Also, when you ran the install, did you run it as an administrator?

You can also try these steps:

  1. Close out your game/patcher, hit ctrl+alt+delete and make sure all instances of LoL.Launcher are gone, then restart the patcher process and let it sit.
  2. Go to your Riot Games/RADS/System folder under your default install path, and run the rads_user_kernel.exe file, then try starting your patcher.
  3. See this article,
  4. Replace /RADS/system/rads_user_kernel.exe with this file,
  5. Try installing Microsoft Dot NET Framework 4.0, and 3.5,


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Right clicking and running as administrator works most of the time. Try it first.

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