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I attacked someone and now they are mad. How can I calm them down so I can talk to them?

I would like a permanent solution (not something that just lasts for a few min).

I am on the PC so if there is a console command I am good to try that.

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Yield to them - sheath your weapons.

Unless they really dislike you (like Bandits, or a several thousand gold bounty, for instance) they will stop fighting once you do that.

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I think it may also depend on your bounty when it comes to guards. I've tried yielding to guards after killing lots of them and they didn't stop attacking. –  Annan Nov 24 '11 at 18:35

Get rid of your bounty, or use the spell Calm on them and talk to them then. I know you said not for a few minutes but now that you have the calmed and on your quest, they probably wont be mad.

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