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Warcraft 2 isn't for sale anymore on Blizzard's store, but I would like to play the version. Is it still playable on, or is online play no longer supported?

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The version still works online. You might have issues finding people to play with but you are still able to connect. You won't be able to join a chat room however (probably just thevoid - which if you remember is the channel you went to when kicked or banned out of a channel) which happened when bots were emulate Warcraft II and Diablo I. Such fun. But I did play a game of Warcraft II online on about a year ago. But had a decent wait to find someone!

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If it's the same as Diablo 1 you can still create custom channels, they just have to start with the usual blabber. So I could join "Diablo Retail LE" for example, or probably "Warcraft II High School" or whatever. – Decency Jan 4 '13 at 14:44

While Blizzard's tech support info is sometimes out-of-date, playing on and resolving issues with it is mentioned repeatedly in their tech support docs for Warcraft II. Due to this, I would expect that it can still be played on

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