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I've been playing Amazing Breaker recently and saw there are achievements for chain reaction x20 and x25. For a chain of 25 I believe you need 9 Split Bombs or Helicopter Bombs - or perhaps 8 of them (24 sub-bombs) plus a detonation.

But I haven't noticed any levels with the possibility of that number of bombs. Is it possible to get those achievements?

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After testing all the levels again, I found that level 45 will allow you to get the Chain Reaction x20 achievement. You start with 3 split bombs and 2 spike bombs, but there are chances to get another 2 split bombs and 2 helicopter bombs, a total of 21 "sub-bombs" if you play it right. (Hint: shoot the split bombs off to the side and use the spike bombs to pick up the bonus bombs.)

UPDATE: with the latest batch of levels released, the x25 chain reaction achievement is now possible, via level 87. (I assume getting the x25 here will also give you the x20 but I haven't tested.)

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Its easy on Stage 5 Level 87, just switch to the green split bombs and shoot both of them onto the board first, then blow the whole thing up and it will be a 25 chain.

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