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I just finished the first dungeon in Skyward Sword. After learning about the Goddess Cubes, I went back to Faron Woods because I remembered seeing one, but didn't know what it was at the time. As I entered Faron Woods from the Northeast, out of the Deep Woods, directly under the tree in front of me and just to the left of that are two Goddess Cubes. (Map here.)

I wandered all around the tree and could not figure out how to get up to them. The only clue I found was something that looked like a square bullseye. I tried running the beetle into it and hitting it with the slingshot, but nothing happened.

How do I reach and activate these cubes?

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You won't be able to access them yet. The earliest you can would be your second visit to the forest...

after you have obtained the Water Dragon's Scale allowing you to swim. You'll have to climb the tree from the inside so you could drop down and reach those cubes.

The target you are referring to is a target for the Clawshots. These come even later in the game and allows you to zoom up to the target.

These are obtained by passing the second goddess trial.

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That's what I thought. Thanks for hiding any potential spoilers. – splattered bits Nov 27 '11 at 0:36

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