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When you level up, you can choose to increase one of the following attributes:

  • HP
  • BP (Bros Points?)
  • POW
  • DEF

I would like to know how each of these stats affect your character.

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HP - Hit Points - this is basically your health. Higher number = more health.

BP - Bros Points - you use these for special moves/attacks (they involve the participation of both Mario and Luigi, which is why they are called Bros. Points.) Higher number = the ability to do more or stronger moves.

POW - your power, or the strength of your attacks. Higher number = stronger attacks that do more damage.

DEF - the strength of your defense. Higher number, higher defense ability, lowers the damage that you take.

SPEED - Decides who will take the first turn in battle. Higher number - that character is more likely to get to attack first.

STACHE - this affects both the prices of things in stores AND your chances of doing a Lucky Hit in battle. A higher number means you get a better discount in stores, and you are more likely to do a Lucky Hit in a battle.

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Side note (since Community bumped this anyway): The less recently you've increased a stat, the higher the numbers it will have on the wheel. Recently spinned ones will have mostly 1s and 2s with a few 3s, less recently spinned ones will have 1s-3s in fairly even proportions, about half as many 4s as 3s, and a few 5s. – Powerlord Feb 26 '15 at 20:48

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