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In My Fitness Coach, you start out with a few different workout locations, and the rest are locked.

How do I unlock them? Is it number of workouts? Do those workouts have to be on the days that I have "planned" them?

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According to the game manual, you have to work out a certain amount of times on consecutive scheduled days:

  • 3 days -> Bronze level -> Desert Spring Resort -> Dance music
  • 5 days -> Silver level -> Alpine Retreat -> Techno music
  • 7 days -> Gold level -> Island Paradise -> House music
  • 9 days -> Platinum level -> Forest Glade
  • 11 days -> Diamond level -> Rooftop Vista

For example, if you want to reach Silver level, you have to stick to the calendar during 8 days, three from Bronze level plus five to achieve Silver level.

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