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If I give a few poisons for my companions to carry, will they use them in battle?

And if the answer is yes - is there a way to control when they're used?

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No, they will not use poison. However, you could try poisoning a weapon and giving it to your companion if you need it in a tougher fight. Otherwise, you're stuck with the normal, unpoisoned weapon your companion uses.

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I have a Janessa follower. Not only that she uses healing potions on her self, she also used the invibility potion and a paralize poison in battle. I think the 'class' of your follower is relavent.

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I'm sorry, but you got 3 down votes because we don't share what we have encountered in Arqade unless it goes with an answer. if you do want to share something like that, comment about it. – Jim Oct 18 '15 at 5:55

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