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I am doing the Under Saarthal quest am and at the point where I need to rotate the 6 pillars however they will not rotate. I read something this is a possible bug but is there any way to get around this?

Is there any way to get past just this point, even using the console if needed?

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Looks like loading the game from a previous save fixed the issue.

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Not only did the pillars not turn, the fire rune I'd avoided earlier on didn't even activate when I stood on it to test. Reloading didn't work for me. Leaving the area so it reloads didn't work. I left the entire area and went outside where Lydia was waiting. I grabbed her and brought her all the way back. When I returned this time the fire rune was gone so that was good, I thought. And the pillars now work. Obviously this was Lydia's passive aggressive action somehow with her "I'll just be here then" She should have just asked to come along.

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