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Even in 1080p, the chat box is rather annoyingly sized on a 22in monitor. Does anyone know if there is a console command to disable it?

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Since the last patch there is a key that lets you toggle the chat between "always", "popup" and "never".

By default it is bound to H

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There is apparently a hacky way to do this, per

  • open PROF_SAVE_profile with Notepad

  • change these values (example values are for 1024x768)

    GstRender.ScreenSafeAreaHeight 0.048000  
    GstRender.ScreenSafeAreaWidth 1.030000  
  • you can also adjust GstRender.ScreenSafeAreaHeight

However, it does look like this interferes with other aspects of the HUD, so it might not be a great or workable solution.

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I checked all the things in the list:

and I didn't find anything, though Online.ChatSettings, or Vars.max-chat-message-chars could be used I think.

Probably there is no command like that.

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