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How long do you need to survive on each of the two official survival maps in order to get a medal, or a gold medal?

All I know at the moment is that two minutes nineteen doesn't cut it on either map. :/

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The game does give an answer to this question... but I lack good enough software to zoom in and enhance on this screen. You can't zoom in and you also don't get notifications as you play.

So here's what the answer must (?) be, in plain sight:

LEVEL                SINGLE PLAYER            COOPERATIVE
Death Canyon        Bronze    4:00          Bronze   5:00
                    Silver    5:00          Silver   6:00
                    Gold      6:00          Gold     7:00

Deserted            Bronze    3:30          Bronze   6:00
                    Silver    4:30          Silver   8:00
                    Gold      5:30          Gold    10:00
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