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I can't stand the DualShock controller. Seriously, my thumb muscles start hurting. So I've been considering getting the Logitech F710 or F510.

Do they work on the PS3? Are there any limitations?

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i can assure you that F710 doesn't work with the PS3 because the PS3 can't recognize the USB receiver. hope this helps

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I can't speak to the F510 or F710 specifically, but the PS3 does support HID devices (computer USB game controllers). I was just able to successfully play a few minutes of Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty on my RumblePad 2 (an older gamepad from the same series).

There are two caveats. First, rumble was completely non-functional — either the PS3 doesn't support HID force feedback or the how rumble works has changed since my device was made. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the DualShock 3 is itself a HID device, however, which is promising.

Second, I can't find any information on whether the "Nano-receiver" used by the F710 works with the PS3. I'd recommend either going with the F510 (which is corded, so has no receiver) or get your gamepad from a store with a good return policy.

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I can confirm F710 works on PS3, just make sure the switch is set in the D (legacy) position. No vibration feedback though :).

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Four simple steps:

  1. Change to Dinput
  2. Insert Receiver into PS3 USB
  3. Press any button
  4. Change the left analog mode (IF YOU WANT TO, THEN ONLY)
  5. PLAY!
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Why is this voted down? This is a good and accurate description, especially with sertting it to DInput which is overseen by most owners of the F-Series. –  Assylum Dec 4 '13 at 19:30

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