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I just got my copy of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and stuck to the back of the package is a pair of what appears to be red/blue (actually more like green/magenta) cardboard 3D glasses. What are these for? Is the game in 3D? I don't have a 3D TV, will I be able to use the 3D features of the game?

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You got glasses? :( What version of the release? I have GameStop's "Signature Edition" and doesn't come with such. Come to think of it, it didn't even come with a game manual... – Jeff Mercado Dec 3 '11 at 18:08
I'm not sure what edition precisely, since I didn't order it. I got it as part of the gaming grant here on Gaming.SE. – agent86 Dec 3 '11 at 18:12
Got this with my grant copy as well; I just assumed it came with everything! – Shinrai Dec 6 '11 at 23:03
The Trioviz 3D is actually pretty good. I've only tried it with Batman: Arkham City, though. – user18859 Jan 24 '12 at 3:25
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Apparently they were a pre-order bonus from

According to this blurb:

Order Assassin's Creed Revelations and receive two exclusives: the Altair outfit single player skin, allowing Ezio to don the wardrobe of his legendary predecessor for the game’s entire campaign, and a pair of TriOviz 3D glasses for Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, enabling 3D gameplay on most 2D HDTVs. The code for your outfit will be emailed within two days of your shipment. Offer valid when shipped and sold by Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time. Offer will be extended to all existing pre-orders.

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This must be it, closer inspection of the glasses reveals a "TriOviz" logo. I guess whoever ordered this has an outfit code that goes with this game. – agent86 Dec 3 '11 at 18:19
Now I am curious to know how "3D" this apparent 3D gameplay actually is. :) – Ash Dec 3 '11 at 18:24

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