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While playing GTA: San Andreas today, I got to the Low Rider Challenge. It's seemingly impossible to beat this, as no matter how well I do, my opponent seems to one up me. I don't particularly care how I beat it - I just want to get to the next mission. How can I possibly accomplish this?

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That was one of my favorite ways to make some cash.

Only advice, make sure that as the directions come along the screen that you hit AS they pass through the Circle. Not before, not after... make sure you're getting "awesome"

There are actually a couple missions where this same process applies.

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I lined them up right in the middle and....aced it. – Simon Sheehan Dec 4 '11 at 1:08
I don't even have to play the video and I can remember the music. Ugh, that music.... – agent86 Dec 4 '11 at 1:17

Contrary to the right honourable ap_sims, I found it easier once I stopped concentrating exact position of the arrow in the circle, and just listened to the music (whatever you think of it). Press the keys on the beat. The same applies to the other dance mini games.

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I was the opposite - listening to the music was throwing me off, because the beats and the movement didn't line up - the movement was always a split second behind the beat. I had to beat this mission on Mute :P – Robotnik Jan 15 '13 at 23:28

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