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So, I took part in a drinking contest with a stranger in an inn, and instead of waking up in a wrecked temple, he just took his barstool again, and only responded with "huh?", "Hmm?", etc. when I spoke to him.

I looked up the details of the quest line, and with further investigation, it appears that Ysolda has somehow died. I used the console and did a player.moveto [RefId] and found her corpse in that odd green-and-purple-bricked dead zone.

Since I missed the window directly after her death to use resurrect 1 to keep her alive in the minds of the town, can I use any console-fu to repair the quest line?

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You can try using the console to skip past that stage of the quest by typing this into the console:

setstage DA14 40

Other quest stages are available (SPOILERS) here

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