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Where can I watch live StarCraft II matches online? Also, is there a way to watch live game matches from the StarCraft client? Unreal Tournament 2003 has this feature which was nice to have.

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I'd like to see links to the streams of roughly five pro or near-pro gamers. – Lee Sep 12 '10 at 11:13
@Lee I know at least Sen and LZGamer have streams listed there, and I am sure other pros or semi-pros do as well. – en1gmatic325 Sep 13 '10 at 21:59
Voting to close as this is a list question, which we've determined do not work well here. – bwarner Oct 31 '12 at 14:52
up vote 2 down vote accepted has live streaming of all sorts of video games just do a search for Starcraft 2. However, this site is streaming so you wont be able to watch all teams playing each-other. You will just be able to watch the one person you are streaming from.

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Here are a couple I like to keep up with

  • KawaiiRice -> Pro Terran Player
  • Day9 TV -> Exceptional Starcraft Commentator
  • Official TL stream -> A collection of top players in SC1 and SC2
  • GOMTv -> official broadcaster of the GSL, you can watch the first game in a match for free and after that its pay. Does have English pro-casters: Artosis and Tasteless
  • Jinro -> Terran player from Team Liquid
  • Sen -> For people who don't think of Zerg as being reactive.
  • Artosis -> Who says Zerg can't turtle?
  • cellawerra -> Who I recently discovered, despite his poor performance in the GSL
  • Liquid'Tyler -> the artist formally known as Nony (its pronounced Tee-ler)
  • Ret -> Who recently moved to Team liquid
  • MorroW -> Multi-race player from Sweden
  • Huk -> I think someone else linked this somewhere
  • WhiteRa -> the original DuckRa
  • Team AAA -> I mostly like this channel for SarenS who I think is underrated.

I have more I'll try to find them when I get home.

To answer the original question, I get most of my replays from here. They are usually vetted to be very high quality.

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Two of the most popular North American Starcraft II sportscasters are HuskyStarcraft and HDStarcraft. Their youtube pages are easily discoverable; I would post the url's if I could. They both do a lot of livecasting, and they post the videos in great-looking 1080p on youtube.

As for finding out about the matches live, check out teamliquid's calendar on their homepage. You can also follow HuskyStarcraft and HDStarcraft on twitter. They will tweet about upcoming livecasts. Personally, unless I'm familiar with the players I will just wait for the higher video quality on their youtube channels and potentially avoid the delays and technical difficulties of live streams.

Husky and HD are both pretty entertaining and informative for a beginner, but more advanced players sometimes criticize them for not having (or at least demonstrating) a deep knowledge of the game. For more educational (though potentially less entertaining) commentary, I recommend watching day9 at He also does some livecasting, so follow his twitter.

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+1 for HDStarcraft and Husky. They were my primary source for beta video coverage (after much looking around). – Matt Aug 4 '10 at 18:49
day9 is simply the best. and great fun. hurray for the trumpets and his epic scream :D – Ronny Brendel Jan 15 '11 at 22:01

Built into the StarCraft II client? StarCraft II does have the ability to watch games as they're happening, but you can't just watch random pro matches. You have to be invited by the host of the game, to do so.

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thanks dude, didn't know that – lampShade Jul 31 '10 at 21:20 seems now to be the leader for live streaming.
For SC2 most of the streams are referenced in teamliquid's repository

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Take a look at BlizzTV which can basically aggregate E-Sports streams, video channels, RSS and events.

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The link seems dead – Pierre de LESPINAY Oct 31 '12 at 14:37
Yep, its dead . – Jeffrey Lin Oct 31 '12 at 14:39 is a very good source for replays.

And I second / (great for learning, exceptional guy, his shows are teh funz0rs),

HDStarcraft (great caster - less learning than day[9] though)

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