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I finished the game and i'm now trying to get all of the skill points. I played most of this game with another person. There's some skills that want you to kill X ennemis with the weapon Y.

My question is: if I don't really play with weapon Y, but my friend does, is it better if he continues to kill enemies, or can I continue adding kills to the counter by using the same weapon.

In other words, if the skill point requirement is to kill 100 ennemies, and I know my friend has killed at least 50 (because he has been awarded the "50 kills" skill), is it better if he continues using this weapon? If I never played with this weapon, do I have to kill 50 enemies to get this skill point or I need to kill 100 of them?

*Assume the upgrades on the weapon are the same for both of us.

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Did you get the 50 kills achievement as well? If so, then it would seem your friend's kills count toward your own achievement(s), otherwise I'd have to say no. – Aubergine Jan 2 '12 at 19:39
I succeeded some achievement, but I rarely play alone. So it's hard for me to count the number of enemies I kill. Also, I do not know how many victims my friends have done before with the other characters. – SilverM-A Jan 3 '12 at 17:46

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