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I have the Mortal Kombat Trilogy for both PS1 and PC and I have problems doing the finishing moves. According to, Noob Saibot's second fatality is:

(Close) Hold Block, Down, Down, Up, Run

So I hold down 5 (block) and press (not hold) down, down, up and 2 (run). He only weirdly crouches/holds block and nothing happens. Is there a trick to do it or something? Because from what I've seen in videos, the character doesn't move at all while performing the special.

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Normally when you see moves like that, the last button should be pressed at the same time as the last direction button. So it really should be more like:

Hold Block, Down, Down, Up + Run

Try it again. Also note that you should be tapping the directions so you really shouldn't be holding them down for too long.

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