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In Skyrim there are a number of Enchantments availble for you to enchant your weapons and armour with, which can be gained from disenchanting a weapon which already contained said enchantment.

Most enchantments can be found on vendors, but depending on your luck, it might take needlessly long to find a certain enchantment, and I'm interested in other options.

What I'm looking for is a more consistent method to get specific enchantments. Non-random enchanted items (like quest rewards) are a certain way to get it, but may not be available for all possible enchantments.

What non-random, disenchantable items are available in Skyrim?

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Note that this is the generic version of: and – alexanderpas Dec 10 '11 at 22:41

Here's a start (its a CW so feel free to add to the list)

Fortify Alchemy - Muiri's Ring - Mourning Never Comes

Fortify Magicka - Novice Hood - Intro Dungeon (in locked cell)

Fortify Magicka Regeneration - Novice Robes - Intro Dungeon (in locked cell)

Resist Magicka (Stronger version) - Shield of Solitude - Wolf Queen Awakened

Fortify Unarmed Damage - Gloves of the Pugilist - The Ratway

Absorb Health - Blade of Woe or Drainblood Battleaxe - Astrid or Labyrinthian

Briarheart Geis - Briarheart Geis - Lost Valley Redoubt

Silent Moons Enchantment - Any Silent Moons Weapon - Silent Moons camp

Smithing Expertise - Notched Pickaxe - found at the very top of The Throat of the World.


Axe of Whiterun will always come with 1 random weapon enchantment

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