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For example, does "13-pool" mean "spawn 13 drones, and turn the 13th into a pool" (so that now you are at 12 supply)? Or does it mean "spawn 13 drones, then turn the 14th into a pool" (so that now you are at 13 supply)?

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It means the former. You build the spawning pool while you're at 13 supply. Going down to 12 supply is a side-effect but replacing the drone as soon as possible is important to any build.

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A 13 pool build means you build the pool at exactly 13 supply. A 13 pool starts at 6 supply, so you should build 4 drones, an overlord and then 3 more drones before you drop your pool.

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Just being pedantic here, but many players prefer to spawn the overlord at 9 supply, rather than 10. There's some math that goes into it, but the difference is slight, so it shouldn't matter too much. – Matthew Pirocchi Aug 19 '10 at 17:08

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