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Diamond Heist is probably the most hazardous map of Payday. In addition to the alarm boxes that are randomly dispatched in the level and the evacuation point that can be anywhere on the roof OR nearby the safe's entrace (2 floors below !), there are two other big variables (and you'll need to be lucky with it in order to get the "Shinobi" or "I pushed the button and lived" achievements):

1) Will your access codes work ?

2) Will you be able to access the secret room with the big diamond ?

Do you have any idea about the odds ?

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For the first point, I'm pretty sure it's totaly random (and the odds are pretty weak). Here's what Payday's wiki says about that:

Now you head down to the bottom floor and enter a code, which fails most times to work (works 5-10% of the time). If the code does not work, the alarm will sound immediately and there is no longer any point to staying quiet then you will need to start searching for the CFO. If it does work, you can easily get all the diamonds without breaking a sweat.

However, from my experience, 5-10% seems a little too low; I'd rather say 20%. But maybe I've been lucky on this.

For the second point, I have to admit that I have no idea and can't find any good information about it. Each player seem to have his own theory; personally I think it's completely random. Sometimes, I did everything perfect (playing on overkill, get the 3 alarm boxes and the 10 gems without getting noticed, open the safe at the first try, don't break any glass anywhere) and the door wasn't there; just a brick wall.

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