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I got the recent update for Snoopy's Street Fair, and the goal that used to be "jump in 50 leaf piles" changed to "jump in 50 snow piles".

I figured it would work like the leaf piles - tap them, Snoopy runs over, and hops in. Simple enough. However, when I tap the snow piles, Snoopy runs over, steps on the pile, and throws a snowball at someone.

I have noticed that the progress meter hasn't moved for the 50 snow piles goal since the update - is this related to the fact that Snoopy is throwing snow instead of jumping in it? Or is my game just bugged somehow?

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+1 for having a title that made me click through to see what the hell this was about. – fredley Dec 13 '11 at 16:00
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No, they're different things. I believe you'll have to change Snoopy's outfit if you want him to stop throwing snowballs. Apparently he throws a snowball instead of jumping in the pile if he's wearing the Santa suit.

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